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Sailing Provided Me a New Outlook on Life.

Oh my gosh! It has been about six weeks since I posted anything. I have been thinking about my blog for awhile. Sometimes it is just difficult to come up with new and “interesting topics”.  At times I just procrastinate way too long. At other times, I...

Recovery/ Heart to Heart

  Most recently I have been writing from primarily an objective mode as I try to investigate topics that I believe are related to the mental health field and how we can all become increasingly mentally healthy.  Today I have chosen to write from the heart in a...

Dealing With The Unexpected

Every day we have surprises or unexpected events occurring in our lives. Most are minor, but some can be major events causing difficulties in our day or life. Most of us prefer a certain amount of routine in our life so that we feel in control.  People feel safer in...


  Since I re-titled this web site “Improving Your Mental Health”, I am wondering if readers are confused. Is there information on this web-site for everyone? I believe so. The term “good mental health” is thrown around on a daily basis,...

Time to Stop Worrying

         In his book, Worrying, Francis O’Gorman states “Worry is circular. It may start with a concrete anxiety. And it has a nasty habit of taking off on its own, getting out of hand, of spawning thoughts that are not related to the...

Stigma and Mental Health

  Prince William spoke out today about the the stigma associated with mental illness. He told a gathering of people in London that treating mental health with the same respect as physical health should be the norm.  We as a society have to put more attention...

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